29 de diciembre de 2011

Proof of payment of Survey-Faq

Surfing the web I found this survey-faq site that supposedly pays you to watch video ads and fill out a survey on the video seen, but then I started researching a little further and I have not found anyone who may have published a proof of payment at this company.

In addition, I find it strange that the surveys conducted are the same for different video advertising, but not least, are raised from youtube. I also found it very unprofessional when I registered, I just sent a thank you without any other log data.

I think this company is a fraud and I am quite sure that will not pay anyone. What I'm trying to understand is what is on the page if you do not charge any fees for registration or for other things. Surely, where I see the fraud is that at the time of registration you are asked to enter your paypal email and any email. That is why there can be many users who always use the same code paypal to register elsewhere. Therefore, if 20 users who register, a key and enter the email registered with PayPal, then this person delivered directly access all your data to your paypal account for the owner of this site survey-faq can capture this information and steal data from your credit card.

For users who have registered on this website and put the data on your paypal account with identical password MUST URGENTLY access your PayPal account and change your password before it is too late.

PD: If someone charged in this company, please ask him to publish the proof of payment.

Best Regards
JL Moderator Invertir-en-Internet

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