12 de mayo de 2012

Avoid HYIP scams: how to start investment HYIPs

Also known as a high-yield investment program, HYIP can be very risky, but if done correctly can be very lucrative. Because there is the possibility of making good money, but there exists much fraud related to these hyips investments.

You can take some security measures to protect their investments ahead of time and avoid getting involved in hyips bad programs. First thing is to have information about the owner of the web site before investing a penny under the programme. Ask your name, address, and send an email consultation for any information and well know if there is someone really committed to these investments. Do not hesitate to prove that this information is correct and not invest until that information is verified. If the owner of the web site is reluctant to give some or all of this information, be sure that it will be surely disappointed in a very short time, so it should not invest in that site.

Take note of the following details:

The HYIP programs legitimate have a minimum investment of $300, but many of the fraudsters will allow you to invest for just ten dollars or less.

Also, pay close attention to the Web page, given that the site should be much information on investments and see if the structure of the site is similar to some other site of Hyips investments. In that case my advice is not to invest.

There are many more ways to avoid being cheated in these programmes, but pay attention to the details and questions. Asking is the best way to separate the good from the bad. Those who are well-meaning will be well informed and have nothing to hide. Therefore, to go ahead and invest in the HYIPs, it must be intelligent and so make sure that you are investing in a real opportunity.

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